“The urge for good design is the same as the urge to go on living. The assumption is that somewhere, hidden, is a better way of doing things.”
--Harry Bertoia


Fire your designer!

The great designers of history, from Leonardo da Vinci to Leo Fender, were almost always working on something a bit bigger and more important that just "design": they were designers with a cause who believed that design has to be a tightly integrated part of getting other practically-oriented jobs done.

Similarly, we do not offer dedicated "design" services. Design is simply an ever-present feature of everything else we do, from our web projects to our journalism to the software we produce.

Separating design into a vane, endlessly subjective realm of its own is a recent mistake of history, and has resulted in a myopic, self-taught "design industry" dominated by scores of hipsters with MacBooks and pirate copies of Photoshop.